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Puerto Rico
rainforest hike

Hike Along the Coast of Boquerón

Explore Puerto Rico on foot. This captivating island is home to beaches, forests, and mountains. No matter where you travel to on the island, you will easily find something that takes your breath away.  Read more

Couple on the beach

Three Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to Puerto Rico Today

Puerto Rico is one of the most diverse places in the Caribbean to visit — although we are considered a territory of the United States, we are truly a country of our own. We’ve listed the top three reasons to visit Puerto Rico below, but w Read more

Selfie on St. Patrick's Day

Irish for a Day in Boqueron

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in Puerto Rico. Every town celebrates the holiday a little bit differently, but here in Boqueron, we like to pull out all the stops.  Read more

Couple in a cave in a beach

Spelunk Your Way Around Puerto Rico

We know that the bulk of our visitors come to Boqueron for the beaches and the food, but did you know that Puerto Rico is full of hidden gems?  Read more

Girl Looking at Waves with Surfboard

Bring Your Board to Boquerón

Surfs up in Puerto Rico all year long. Did you know that the West Coast of Puerto Rico is widely considered one of the best places in the Caribbean to catch waves?  Read more


Bioluminescence Are in the Bays of Puerto Rico

Although it is the season of lights all around the world, decorations are not the only things that illuminate around this time of year. Glowing organisms called bioluminescence live in the shallows bays around the island of Puerto Rico. These sparkli Read more


Visiting Boquerón Is as Easy as ABC

There are loads of reasons why you should celebrate your holiday season in Boquerón—starting with the ABC’s!  Read more


Visualize Your Very Own Vejigante Costume

If your October travels are bringing you to the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico, be sure to pack a Vejigante costume in your carry-on so you can participate in all of the Halloween fun.  Read more


Get Out to the Out-Islands

The best part about going to an island for a holiday is that there will most likely be another island nearby—an out-island to be exact.  Read more


The Beaches in Boquerón Are What Morning Routines Were Made For

The beaches of Boquerón are some of the most pristine in all of Puerto Rico. Because we are a smaller village compared to the larger cities like San Juan, our sandy shores tend to stay a little less touched and a lot more beautiful.  Read more


Take the Town by Sea in Boqueron

It’s one thing to discover the island of Puerto Rico by land, it’s a whole other experience to explore it by sea. Read more

sea salt

Salt Fills the Air in Boquerón

There is no reason to be salty while visiting Boquerón unless of course, you are visiting the infamous Salt Flats of Cabo Rojo.  Read more

piggyback rides at the beach

Boquerón Has the Best Shelling in All of Puerto Rico

If you happen to be in the shelling business, Boquerón is definitely the best vacation spot for you.  Read more


Sing With a Coquí in Boqueron

Have you heard about the Coquí of Puerto Rico? Although you may have never heard of this unique amphibian, if you have ever visited the island, you have most certainly heard it!  Read more

woman holding seashells

Bring Your Family to the Beaches in Boqueron

It’s no secret that people flock from all over the world to rest their feet upon the white sandy shores of Puerto Rico’s beaches.  Read more

whale breeching the water

Go Home with a Whale of a Tail in Boqueron

Did you know that February is one the best months to go whale watching on the West Coast of Puerto Rico?  Read more

old san juan

Pack Your Bags and Day Trip to Ponce

Puerto Rico has beautiful cities and tons to do all over the island — an interesting excursion that can be done in just a day is visiting the city of Ponce.  Read more

eggnog coquito

C is for Coquito During Christmas in Boqueron

There is something just so right about sipping rum in Puerto Rico, no matter what time of year it is.  Read more