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Puerto Rico

The Beaches in Boquerón Are What Morning Routines Were Made For


The beaches of Boquerón are some of the most pristine in all of Puerto Rico. Because we are a smaller village compared to the larger cities like San Juan, our sandy shores tend to stay a little less touched and a lot more beautiful. A great way to start the morning during your visit to Puerto Rico is to plan each day with a walk, run, stretch or meditation on the beach just as the sun is awakening. There is nothing quite as energizing as moving your body before the rest of the island is in full gear. These early morning moments are some of the most precious ones when you are on island time. With endless coastlines, try to take a long morning walk with coffee or close your eyes and feel the rising heat from the sun hit your skin. It’s these early morning moments on a golden beach in Puerto Rico that you will remember for a lifetime!