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Puerto Rico

Spelunker Your Way Around Puerto Rico

Couple in a cave in a beach

We know that the bulk of our visitors come to Boqueron for the beaches and the food, but did you know that Puerto Rico is full of hidden gems? And by gems, we mean caves! Spelunking is a beloved activity for all of the adventurers here on the island, and trust us when we say there are plenty of great spots to discover. Each of the caves in Puerto Rico are unique and sit in various terrains, making it the perfect place for all types of spelunkers.

A quick trip towards the mountains will reveal caves with waterfalls, caves within rivers, and caves that overlook the lush summit that is Puerto Rico. These spelunking trips will be sure to give you a rush of adrenaline with a side of nostalgia, because of the sheer beauty of mother earth. Come see us at the front desk during your stay so we can help you plan a once-in-a-lifetime adventure here in the heart of Puerto Rico.