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Puerto Rico

Salt Fills the Air in Boquerón

sea salt

There is no reason to be salty while visiting Boquerón unless of course, you are visiting the infamous Salt Flats of Cabo Rojo. Puerto Rico is famous for its beaches, but did you know that it's a large exporter in the production of salt too? The Salt Flats in Puerto Rico have been around since 700 AD when the Taino Indians inhabited the island, and some of the oldest salt rocks date back to over 195 million years ago. The historical and ecological impact the salt flats have had on the island has been huge! The source of salt provides a habitat for the thriving bright pink brine shrimp, jobs for many Puerto Ricans, and is a very cool spot to check-off of your list as a tourist. The pink water from the flats make for great photos and the wildlife is so incredible to see. Trade in a day on the sand for an afternoon in the salt—it’ll be one of the most unique experiences during your trip to PR.