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Puerto Rico

How to Enjoy Effortless Snorkeling Along Our Islands

Puerto Ricans are amongst the happiest in the world because we enjoy living a laid-back lifestyle. Although certain parts of our island are more cosmopolitan like San Juan, Boqueron is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and relaxed island vibes. Located off the coast of Cabo Rojo are two easily reached islands where snorkeling is effortless.

Isla Ratones, meaning Island of Rats, has an unappealing name but the waters that surround it are pristine. Adventure Tours Marine sets sail from Joyuda and customizes a route for optimal viewing. In the shallow waters along the shoreline, there is a rich diversity of tropical fish and sea life. Just strap on a mask and fins and let nature's theater unveil.

Gilligan’s Island has a more appealing and fun name and can be reached by booking a tour with Paradise Puerto Rico Water Sports. The all-day trip will include visits to Playa Sucia and the Parguera as well. Swim in the designated snorkeling areas, where you'll be able to see gorgeous bright coral and an array of Caribbean fish.

When you are staying on the South West corner of Puerto Rico, the best way to enjoy your vacation is by dipping below sea level and experiencing the underwater splendor of our oceans.