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Puerto Rico

Hike Along the Coast of Boquerón

Explore Puerto Rico by foot, this captivating island is home to beaches, forest, and urban life. No matter where you travel to on the island you will easily find something that takes your breath away. One of our favorite local activities to do is to trek the Vereda la Meseta. This four-mile hike takes you along the coastline through the forest, where you may even get a peek at many different animals including our famous frogs. This trek can be different every time you do it, the main path leads you to the traditional four-mile hike, but there are plenty of smaller paths that take you to sandy coves and pristine beaches. You can take a guided tour of the area or do it on your own, and it's a perfect activity for the entire family. Lace up your walking shoes and see the natural beauty of Boquerón.