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Get Out to the Out-Islands


The best part about going to an island for a holiday is that there will most likely be another island nearby—an out-island to be exact. A fun day trip that many locals and tourists like to take is a quick boat ride to Isla de Ratones for sun-bathing, snorkeling, and exploring. Isla de Ratones is a small island located just off-shore of the Cabo Rojo region that invites you in with its soft sandy beaches and iridescent water. If a day excursion to Isla de Ratones is calling your name we want to give you a few tips before you go. 

Tip 1: Pack everything that you will need with you i.e. towels, food, drinks, sunscreen, etc. 

Tip 2: Stay within the swimming barriers to be sure you don't harm any coral reef, baby mangroves, or yourself. 

Tip 3: Arrive early in the high season to ensure you secure a spot on the beach. 

Tip 4: Have fun and enjoy the decadent experience of spending your day on a gorgeous little out-island!