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Feeling Festive: Puerto Rican Christmas Traditions

Just because Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise doesn’t mean we don’t know how to celebrate Christmas. On the contrary, there is no snow in sight, but that only means our parties are limitless. Who needs snow when you have tons of powdery sand? We don’t!

Some of our favorites ways to honor the season are by singing Christmas carols known to us as a parranda, where we travel through our neighborhoods singing aguinaldos. Nochebuena, the night before Christmas is our biggest gathering and it usually includes the roasting of a pig, lechon, and indulging in arroz con gandules (rice and beans). Adults cheers with homemade coquito, our form of eggnog that includes coconut. The holidays begin in mid November and extend all the way into the middle of January. If you are fleeing the cold winter months and taking asylum in our gorgeous island, there is a high chance you will encounter some type of vibrant holiday festivities while visiting.