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Puerto Rico

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

Enjoy the last days of summer by relaxing on our world famous beaches. Boqueron is known for our stunning white-sand beaches and tropical waters--cool off by taking a dip and watching the palm trees sway from the shore. We are the embodiment of a Caribbean paradise. Close your eyes and walk slowly into the vibrant turquoise waters that are surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife like iguanas. Stick a straw in a coconut and drink up nature’s gift. It’s refreshing and delicious! Stroll up and down the shore collecting a variety of shells, sparkling pieces of sea glass, and little pieces of coral. Return to your room feeling invigorated by the sun. Pop by Blue Sea Horse Poolbar & Grill for an afternoon cocktail while the little ones swim in the pool. Enjoy your last summer getaway before the kids head back to school.