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Boquerón Has the Best Shelling in All of Puerto Rico

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If you happen to be in the shelling business, Boquerón is definitely the best vacation spot for you. Avid shell collectors flock to the white sandy shore of this Southwest area of Puerto Rico to collect the unique shells and fragments of coral that wash up on the shore every single day in Boqueron. So many shells wash ashore at a time that the typically white beaches tend to be a little more colorful. The beaches in this region are much quieter than the city beaches North of Boquerón, which make them the perfect environment for selecting the best shells to add to your collection. Let us help you pick the most ideal beach for your shelling experience. Stop by the front desk today and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. Enjoy the serene Caribbean waters while selecting a uniquely perfect souvenir to bring back home with you.