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Bioluminescence Are in the Bays of Puerto Rico


Although it is the season of lights all around the world, decorations are not the only things that illuminate around this time of year. Glowing organisms called bioluminescence live in the shallows bays around the island of Puerto Rico. These sparkling algae illuminant blue or green when they come into contact with another organism or hard object. They are not easy to spot during the daytime, but when the sun goes down these interesting little creatures put on quite a show for all the ocean to see. The clarity of the organisms can be seen best on nights that have a new moon or a particularly small moon, making that the best time of the month to schedule a tour. If this type of nighttime adventure piques your interest, be sure to speak with one of our front desk representatives during your stay to schedule this incredible tour. There is no competition when it comes to Mother Nature's light show!