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Puerto Rico

Unwind On Our Award Winning Beaches

Puerto Rico is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The crystal clear waters and white powdery sand sets the scene for a blissful retreat along our coconut palm fringed coastline.

Disconnect - The first step is to hide your laptop, iPad, and even your smart phone. Take this time to unplug from the outside world and let your mind rest and rejuvenate with only the sound of the ocean waves to keep you company.

Meditate - Take ten minutes to mindfully focus on your breathing. The effects are cathartic and will last the entire day as you enjoy your resort activities.

Laugh - This one is fun and easy! Share a joke with a friend of family member and let the good times roll. Laughing releases immune system boosting endorphins into your body and connects you to others.

Take a Relaxing Swim - Get the blood flowing and let that refreshing water his your face. The health benefits of seawater are plentiful but it’s also a non-impact form of exercise that soothes the mind.

Now that you’ve had a glorious day on our beach, head to for refreshing Piña Coladas or Mojito.